Type: Duplex Boards with Grey Back
  • Good stiffness !
  • High smoothness!
  • High bright!
  • Good printability
  • Recirculation!



1) Product range: 230-450gsm in different quality grade
2) Size: Sheets and reels both are available, 787 x 1, 092mm, 889 x 1, 194mm and any special sizes available;
3) Features: Standard weight, high-standard stiffness, even thickness, coated surface, good smoothness and PPS,
4) Typical applications: Widely used in packing and printing; Shoe boxes, wine packages, cigarette middle packages, matchboxes, toothpaste boxes
5) Material: Imported waste paper and imported pulp
6) Color: White face & grey back

On pallet wrapping with plastic film

  • Carton Sector: Cigarettes, Middle Packages, Wine Packages.
  • Non FoodArea: Blister Cards, Matchboxs, toothpaste Boxs.
  • Laminating Sector: Reel Liner